I love everything about Spring — feeling the gentle breeze blow through the house; smelling the fresh, blooming flowers; hearing the pretty singing of the birds outside and seeing the vibrant colors of the kelly-green grass and pretty petals.  The days are a little longer, and there is an extra skip in my step.  How about you?

Floral Faves, part 1

With Spring in full force, so are florals.  There are florals everywhere…from the clothes we wear to the pillows we sleep on to the seasonal art we hang on our walls!

So today, I’d like to share with you all about my favorite florals for this sunny season!  Because there are so many pretty floral items out there, I chose to divide this topic into a 2-part series — the first being all about floral faves in fashion, and the 2nd post being all about floral faves in interior spaces.

And I’ll have you know….Under some of these categories, there were just too many cute items that I couldn’t just choose one, so plan to see a list of multiples!  I hope you’ll be inspired to incorporate florals into your own style!

 Today is part 1: Floral Favorites in Fashion.  Let’s get started!

Favorite Floral Sneakers

How about these slip-ons from Cath Kidston?!

Check out these DIY Iron-On Floral Sneakers!  So cute, and such a great idea!

Check out these feminine floral flip flops from Forever21.  (How’s that for a tongue twister?!)

Rose Print Flip Flops

And one more cute pair of shoes for good measure.  😉 These floral espadrilles are perfect for that fun, Spring outfit!


Favorite Floral Kimono

This kimono has the perfect amount of florals and tassels.  Wear it with a pair of white jeans, a tee and some wedges…or wear it as a swimsuit coverup for the beach.

Favorite Floral Phone Case

Loving this phone case from Anthropologie!

Favorite Floral Umbrella

This fun, floral umbrella makes walking in the rain a little more exciting.

Floral Print Umbrella

Favorite Floral Tee

I know this tee is from the men’s department, but I adore it!

And this lovely tee is from a beautiful blogger friend of mine…CraftberryBush.  (She creates and sells her items at Society6.Com.)
do what you love T-shirt

Favorite Floral Shorts

How adorable are these shorts with the fun pom-pom trim?!

I love these classic midi shorts from American Eagle!


And these shorts…the details and the pattern are so cute!


Favorite Floral Dresses

This dress is such a cute print for Spring!

Loving this fun maxi dress found on Etsy.  It even has pockets!  Pair it with a cute denim jacket or vest to make it a very versatile outfit.

Summer Floral Maxi Dress Spring Colors Available in S M and L

Favorite Floral Bags

 I absolutely love this pattern from Cath Kidston — so fun and fresh!  This carry-all bag would make carrying your everyday necessities exciting rather than a chore. 😉

How about this pretty backpack?!

JanSport SuperMax Backpack - DUSTY PLUM

Favorite Floral Jewelry

Loving this watch from Francesca’s.  Its muted colors mix well with a whole realm of outfits!

Yes, this floral watch is a must-have for the season, too!

Jessica Carlyle Women's Floral Anchor Luggage Watch


Favorite Floral Romper

This floral romper from Francesca’s makes for a fun and versatile outfit!  Pair it with a denim vest or a cardigan, and you’re ready for a night out with your friends or special date!

This bright-white, floral romper is a must-have for Spring!


Favorite Floral Skirt

How cute is this handmade, floral maxi skirt for sale on Etsy?!  Wow!

Floral Maxi Ball skirt, Midi Skirt, Mini Skirt or full, gathered skirt all sizes custom made to order

Favorite Floral Sunglasses/Cases

Loving these handmade glasses cases.  They’re so cute….It’s hard to pick just one style!

Floral glasses case

And how about these lovely sunglasses from Francesca’s?!  Love them!

So, there you have it, friends.  What are your thoughts about these pretty florals?  What’s your favorite?  Comment below, or stop by Instagram or Facebook and say hello!  You’ll also find me on Pinterest pinning inspiring pics daily!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this fun series.  We’ll be focusing on interiors, and I can’t wait to share with you my fun, floral finds!  Have a wonderful day!

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Hey friends!  I know this post is long overdue, but I wanted to share the before and after remodel pics of our kitchen and dining room area.  Yes, it’s been a few years since the renovation, but I figured it’s better late than never, right?!  Besides, since I’ve been on a “before/after remodel” kick as of late, I’m thinking I might as well show you other parts of our home that have never been revealed on the blog!


When we moved into this lovely home of ours almost 14 years ago, the kitchen was completely builder-grade quality…with your basic cabinets, white laminate countertops, and lots of walls surrounding the kitchen and eating areas.  This small, cramped area was not suited to my cup of tea.  😉



(This next photo was taken just before the walls were knocked out.  And yes, I chose this putrid yellow color that was actually called “Winnie the Pooh.”  Don’t say it…I know…but back then, I thought it looked like sunshine.  And who doesn’t like sunshine??)  🙂


Don’t get me wrong, I was very thankful for at least having a kitchen and dining room — really in truly!  But I’m not a fan of tight spaces, and these rooms definitely fit the bill for being squishy…that is, before we tore down the walls!

And now, after the remodel, it’s become a spacious haven…a place where we all love to hang out!



Our kitchen now has beadboard cabinet door fronts, a built-in fridge that we bought off eBay (brand new for half the price), and a huge, open space.  A little window seat has been added, as well as an easy diy chalkboard that was painted onto the wall.




This vintage shelf is a thrifty find that once was lifeless, but now after a fresh coat of white paint and some fun knobs, it’s a functional and pretty little storage spot in the kitchen!  You can read all about that diy project here.  😉




Did you notice how the walls were removed (the ones in between the dining room and the kitchen?!)  It’s amazing how much natural light that comes into this space!  I just love it!


On one side of our cabinet wall, I decided to paint chalkboard paint on it and attach a towel rod from Ikea to add a little pizzazz.  You can see it ever so slightly on the wall to the left of the dishwasher.


The striped drapes are actually a set of khaki panels that I bought at Ikea and then painted white stripes directly onto the fabric.  Because the drapes weren’t as thick as I wanted them to be, I added white, twin-size sheets to the backs.  And I absolutely love them!

That kitchen table set you see below is a thrifted set that we bought a couple of years ago and refinished.  I really wanted some cane chairs and table that had an extension, and so one wonderful day, I finally found what I was looking for!  You can read all about that diy project here.  😉


The accessories on the hutch are mostly vintage or antique items from thrift stores and yard sales.  And the paper on the back of the hutch is some fun wrapping paper that I simply taped to the wall!  If you know me at all, I have to have decor that’s as non-committal as possible, because I like to change it out so much!  😉




 If you keep walking through the dining room, you’ll head straight to our back patio.  It’s another favorite hangout spot of ours.  That post will be for another day…but soon.  😉


Thanks so much again for stopping by!  What are your thoughts on this kitchen/dining room remodel?  And have you removed a wall to make a space in your home appear larger?  Comment below, or find me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.  Stop by and say hello….I’d love to hear from you!


Welcome to part 2 of our guest bathroom reno!  (If you missed part 1, the tutorial on painting laminate flooring, you’ll definitely want to click on this link.  It will show you what we did with our bathroom floors.  🙂  We took them from boring to kapow!)


Our guest bath has come a long way since my sweet hubby started painting our laminate floors.  It’s amazing what a can of white paint can do to a space!!  The transformation is light, bright and airy!

I kept the shelves, the diy shower curtain and a few of the accessories.  Of the items that are new in this space, most of it is from shopping my house.


What do you think about this gorgeous “farmhouse” sign??  Isn’t she pretty??!  My sweet IG friend, Melissa from MyTrustedTreasures, made this sign for me, and I absolutely LOVE it!














I really love this vintage orange marmalade jar next to our boxwood pot, but I felt it needed a little oomph, so I turned this vintage cheese box upside down to help corral the accessories together.  🙂



What do you think of this renovated space?  What’s your favorite part?  I’m in love with the white walls and white floors!  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  You can comment below, or stop by and say hello on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

I’d like to give a huge thank you to Sherwin Williams for the fantastic paint and paint supplies we used on our laminate floors and the walls.  We chose a pure white color called Snowbound, and we used an awesome expandable roller pole called the Power Lock Extension Pole by Purdy.  (It extends 4′ to 8′ and completely locks the roller into place!)  We also used an awesome Nylox paint brush by Purdy to help with cutting in around the trim and baseboards. 😉  They were gracious enough to give me some wonderful paint supplies in exchange for my honest opinion.  If I didn’t like something, I promise I’d tell you!

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Our Farmhouse-Styled Master Bathroom Makeover




Hey friends!  Thanks for stopping by today!  I’d like to share with you how we transformed our boring laminate floors in the guest bathroom and took them from blah to wow in just a couple of steps!

(This post is part 1 of a 2-part series.  To see our completely renovated guest bathroom, part 2 of this series, please click this link.)  😉


Here’s what we used:

First, after sweeping the bathroom floor, my sweet hubby used his belt sander that he bought at a yard sale and sanded the entire floor.  Then, using a damp cloth, he wiped up all the dust.

guestbathfloor1 guestbath21


Next, using our paint and paint supplies, my hubby carefully painted the floors.  Lastly, he dried the freshly-painted floor using a floor fan.  We kept the fan blowing onto the flooring for a couple of days.



I am in love with the outcome of these painted laminate floors!  They’re so bright and cheerful!  I think we’ll eventually add a coat of poly to the floors, so that they’ll clean more easily, but other than that, we LOVE how the floors turned out!  To view part 2 of this series (our renovated guest bathroom), please click this link.  🙂

I’d like to give a huge thank you to Sherwin Williams for the paint and supplies!  They sent me these fabulous products for my honest review, and I’m happy to say that I’m very pleased with the outcome….I especially love the extension pole for our roller!  It was such a snap to connect the roller to the pole, and my hubby loved the fact that he didn’t have to bend over to roll the paint onto the floor!  Also, I love that this paint is a stain-blocking paint, plus it’s mildew-resistant….Perfect for a bathroom!

Thanks again for stopping by!  What do you think about these floors?  Is this idea something you’d do to your floors?  If so, I’d love to hear about it!  Leave a comment below, or say hello on Instagram or Facebook!  You can also find me on Pinterest pinning pretty pics almost every day!


Hey friends!  Thanks for stopping by today!  I’m so happy Spring is in the air.  It’s been here for quite some time now, but today is the OFFICIAL day of Spring!  Woohoo!  I go into hibernation during the winter, but when Spring comes, look out world….It’s my favorite time of year!!

So, to celebrate, here are some easy and colorful ideas for diy Easter eggs!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • foam brushes
  • mod podge (I used the matte option.)
  • different materials, such as washi tape, vintage hankies, thin fabric, an old scarf, decorative tissue paper, stickers
  • plastic or hard-boiled eggs (I used the flat-white plastic eggs from craft stores for the sticker idea, and for the rest of the ideas, I used just the shiny plastic eggs from the dollar store.)  😉

Idea #1: Stickers!  These were super-easy to do.  I didn’t apply any mod podge under the sticker….I only brushed it over the tops of the eggs, once the stickers were applied.  And suprisingly, after the mod podge dried, the glitter and the metallic gold on the stickers still looked amazing!


Idea #2:  Vintage hankies!  I cut up just one hankie, and it yielded 4 eggs.  This material was super-easy to apply!  Simply brush mod podge onto the egg.  Next, while the glue is still wet, apply the hankie strips to the egg, and smooth each strip out as carefully as you can.  Lastly, brush on a final coat of the mod podge.


The eggs might look a little scary at first, but that’s okay, give them overnight to dry, and the next morning, they’ll be beautiful!


Idea #3:  Tissue Paper!  This material was also very easy to apply.  First, I cut the paper into strips.  Next, as in idea #2, I applied the glue before and after applying the strips.



Idea #4:  Washi Tape!  I made sure to use thin strips of tape in order to prevent the sides from sticking out on the eggs.  But overall, they look great!  Obviously, as with the stickers, I only applied the glue after I attached the tape to the eggs.



So, there you have it.  Four simple diy Easter-egg crafts!  What is your favorite?  Do you have any other fun materials that you’ve used in the past?  I’d love to hear about them!

And if you’d like more inspiration for your Spring decor, you can check out this post on our Spring tablescape, 3 ways…or this post on our living room decorated for Spring.  You can also catch me on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Stop by and say hello!






Hey friends!  The weather’s feeling more and more like Spring here in Georgia, plus Easter is just around the corner.  (Can you believe it’s only 4 short weeks away?!)  So, it’s high time we all begin to decorate for this beautiful season!


And the first place I am choosing to focus on this season is our dining table.  However, I didn’t really know how I was going to decorate our table.  I needed inspiration.  Of course, Pinterest is always one of the first places I visit, but sometimes just walking physically through a store — the smells, the colors, the textures — really helps to get my creative juices flowing.  So, when I found this beautiful watercolor table runner from HomeGoods the other day, I chose to make it my focal point for our tablescape!  The soft pastels with the pretty painted flowers screamed Spring in a soft way to me.

After choosing the focal point, I found some pretty, yellow plates (also in HomeGoods) that were in the same color palette as my runner.  Score!  Next, I found some shabby chic, clear glasses with little bunnies on them (again, HomeGoods).  These glasses pulled out the same greens as the runner.  Another score!

Also, I love how faux flowers are beginning to look more and more like REAL flowers.  Wouldn’t you agree??  At Michael’s, there were two separate types of peonies (at least at my store)…the $5 kind and the $15 kind.  I chose the latter.  It just looked more real, the colors were more vibrant, and it felt like an actual flower!  And with the 40% off sale, and then my additional 20% off coupon, I was able to get each stem at about $7 each.  Not bad considering that one real stem would cost me $10 at my local flower shop!  Plus, with my new fake flowers, I can re-use them over and over again, and I don’t even have to worry about remembering to water them.  I’d say it’s a win-win!

So, let’s get started with how these items came together for our Spring tablescape.  First off, I cleaned off our table to give this space a blank slate.


Next, I added the first layer, which was a white tablecloth.  (Now, I realize these first couple of steps are pretty self-explanatory, but I just wanted to show you from the beginning how this setting came together.  Please bear with me!)  😉


And then it was the lovely table runner from HomeGoods…



After ensuring that the runner was evenly placed on the table, next came the green-grass chargers.  I love how they bring out the greenery on the runner.


Now that I had my staples and the color palette I wanted to use for my table, it was time to put things together!

Tablescape #1

I first chose to use the yellow plates that I picked up from Homegoods.


 And as I mentioned before, the soft, green bunny glassware looked perfect with the watercolor runner, the yellow plates and the chargers !


First, I took my  4-pack flour sack dish towels from Target and folded each one up to make 4 napkins.  (Everyone needs to have at least one pack in their home!!  You can do so much with them…but that’s a whole different blog post for another day.)  😉  I just folded them so that the plate would stick out on either side.  Next, I chose to use gold flatware (also from Target) to pull out the yellow tones in the runner.


To add to the centerpiece, I inserted faux hydrangeas from Michael’s into thrifted milk glass vases.




Tablescape #2

To switch it up a little, I replaced the hydrangeas with these beautiful faux peonies from Michael’s.  Then, I replaced the flour-sack napkins with my collection of dainty, floral plates that pull out the pinks, yellows and greens from the runner.


Oh, and I felt there needed to be more pops of pink on the table, so I searched and searched for the perfect statement, and I finally found scraps of pink and white ticking fabric (that I bought at a yard sale).  The funny thing is they were already cut into leaf-like patterns.  How perfect was it that I could make them look like extensions of the peonies!  I know it sounds crazy, but I really love it!






Tablescape #3

Lastly, my third choice was to replace the yellow plates and dainty china with simple white plates that I purchased for 99 cents each at a thrift store.


I also added some fun pink stripey straws from the dollar spot at Target, along with more hydrangeas and peonies in thrifted milk glass vases.  🙂




So, here are my ideas for Spring tablescapes…done 3 ways.  Which tablescape is the winner?  Is it the yellow-plate decor, the dainty china decor, or the white-plate decor?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  You can comment below, or drop by my Instagram feed and let me know what you like best.  Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you’ve been inspired to create a colorful and thrifty Spring tablescape for your own home!

If you’d like to see more ideas for Spring, you can check out last year’s blog post on our living room decorated for Spring, complete with thrifty items and diy pillow covers.  Or, you could check out another idea for a thrifty tablescape here.  (And when I say thrifty, I mean SUPER THRIFTY!!)  🙂  I hope you have a wonderful day!

And to see more inspiring pics and posts, you can follow along with me on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!  Stop by and say hey….I’d love to hear from you!



Hey friends!  Today, I’d like to share with you a simple brownie recipe with a secret PUNCH that will take your brownies up a notch…majorly!


They’re so good, you’ll wonder how you’ve missed out on this yummy goodness all your life!  I know, because that’s what happened to me.  🙂  When my sweet friend Lydia made this recipe for us girls one night, I about died and went to heaven!  😉 They were so gooey and perfect, I had to have that recipe!  And so she graciously said yes!  Haha!  I promise….Once you make this recipe, these brownies won’t last long!  And the crazy thing is….It’s so easy!


Here’s what you need:

  • brownie mix (family size) (I use the Kroger store-brand.)
  • eggs
  • vegetable oil
  • 2 large Symphony Bars with the Toffee Chips (I know I only show one in the picture, but that’s because I only had one available.  I kinda-sorta ate the other one with our popcorn the other night.  Oops!  These are a staple item in our home.) 🙂
  • 9X13 baking pan
  • non-stick cooking spray


Here’s what you do…

Make the brownies like you usually would….Only, before you pour the mix into your pan, break apart one Symphony bar, and place each rectangle into the greased dish.  Next, pour your brownie mixture carefully into the pan.  Finally, break apart your other candy bar and place each rectangle (evenly spaced) on top of the mix.  Bake as directed.


I promise!  You won’t be dissapointed!  In fact, you’re going to love them so much, this deliciousness may or may not make it to your friends’ gathering.  Lol!  In fact, I’m trying to cut out sugar right now, but as I type this post, I can’t resist….I have to enjoy just one!  They’re amazingly good!


So, what do you think about this recipe?  Are you inspired to try it out yourself??  I’d love to hear about it!

Would you like to see more?  You can check out my recent posts on Tips for Thrift-Store Shopping…or Decorating with Handmade Farmhouse Pillows…or Our Farmhouse-Styled Master Bathroom Makeover on a Budget.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, and as always, thanks so much for stopping by!

If you’d like to see more fresh posts and pics, you can follow along with me on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.  Come join me….I’d love to have you!  🙂




Hey friends!  I’d like to share with you these gorgeous new pillows I received from Erin at Bows and Burlap Designs.   I love, love, LOVE her products!  At the end of this post, you’ll see a discount code for her shop!  Woohoo!

The two pillows I ordered were the French “Grains” pillow and the “Vintage + Farmhouse” pillow.  Her natural canvas pillows are so easy to decorate with…I can basically move my new pillows from room to room, chair to chair!  😉


Here’s how my package arrived…Such cute design!


Aren’t the details just perfect??! 🙂  This is definitely what I call “happy mail.”

So, with these two pillows, I played with different areas in my home, and I wanted to show you how versatile these fun pillows can be.  They are truly statement pieces!

Here’s pillow #1, the “Grains” pillow without an accessory — my charcoal throw…


And here’s the beautiful pillow with my charcoal throw…


I just wanted to show you how this lovely pillow looks great with or without a cozy throw!  😉


Moving on to pillow #2, the “Vintage + Farmhouse” pillow…I played around with it on our white sofa…


And then I tried it in a different spot.  It’s located on our window seat, in our kitchen.  I love it here, too!




What do you think about these pretty pillows?  Which one is your favorite, and which placement do you like best?  I’d love to hear about it!

On another note, if you don’t need a pillow, Erin also sells other handmade items, such as soap pumps, bags, baby blankets, and stockings.

And I have some good news!  She has graciously offered to give all of you sweet readers 20% off her entire shop on Etsy!!!  Just enter RUSTICBOXWOOD20 at checkout.  But hurry, because the code is only valid for one week!  Thank you for stopping by, and happy shopping!

DISCLAIMER:  I was not paid for this post, and all opinions are my own!  🙂

I don’t about you, but I LOVE the thrill of the hunt when it comes to finding pretty accessories for our home.  I don’t care what it is — an antique frame, paint-by-number artwork, vintage crates, furniture, pretty dishes — you name it, I’ll find it.  Lol!

Well, this thrift-store “hobby” of mine started a few years ago, when the world of Pinterest began.  When my sweet friend, Paige, introduced me to this fun website that lets you save any and all inspiring photos, I was hooked on all things decorating and diy.  All of a sudden, I desired to make lots of changes to our home, and that was gonna require either A. lots of money or B. doing things myself.  I chose the latter route.  And you know that old saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”  That, my friends, became very true for me when all of a sudden I wanted to renovate every area of our home!  I had to be frugal and that meant shopping at second-hand stores and looking past the delapidated state of an item to see its potential.

All that to say is that if I can find awesome deals and treasures at thrift stores, so can you!!   Join me as I share with you 12 tips to scoring some budget-friendly home decor!  But I’m warning you now….You’re gonna be hooked, and once you’re hooked, there’s no turning back!  😉


1. Look for discounts in the store.  For example, Goodwill has the “color of the week” for half-off prices, and every Sunday, a new color represents the discount.  There’s usually a big sign just as you enter, announcing which color is 50% off.  Also, our local Goodwill offers an extra 25% off for all seniors on Tuesdays and for all service members on Thursdays (i.e. veterans, firemen, policemen and those in the military — thanks to all of you for your service!).  Goodwill’s discounts vary by location, so check with your local store for discount dates and percentages.  Another fun tip is that other thrift shops will discount an item based off the date of the item’s tag.  For example, if you pick up an item that was tagged in October, and now it’s already January, it might be 30% off…or even more!  Don’t be afraid to ask if there are any special discounts for that particular store.


(The sign in our local Goodwill, announcing what the color of the week is.)

2.  When shopping at “mom and pop” shops…When it comes to shopping at non-chain thrift stores, most of them can negotiate with you.  Mention that if you choose to purchase both items as opposed to just one item (for example), would they be willing to drop the price.  Nine times out of ten, they’ll be completely open to taking less!  Like my daddy always says, “The worst they can say is ‘no’.”  😉 And do your very best to let the seller name their desired price FIRST.  What if they were going to take less than the price you named??  That would be a tragedy!


(The above pic is from a local thrift shop owned by a church in town.  Similar to Goodwill, they also have a sign at the front door, informing shoppers of the store’s discounts.  The phone pic below is something that I bought from them recently.  I included the tag to show how the owners discount according to the tag’s date. )


3. Shop often.  Thrift stores are constantly getting new inventory, so try to pop in often — on your way to pick up your kiddos from school, during your lunch break…or even in the evening, right after your children are in bed.  You don’t need to take an hour in the store.  Just walk quickly through each aisle.  I usually try to allow about 10-20 minutes at a particular thrift shop a couple of times a week before heading to pick up my kiddos.


I found this dining set at Goodwill one day during one of my frequent “quick” trips.  Boy, am I glad I stopped in that day!


Isn’t this gumball machine the cutest thing ever?!  Yep, I found it at a thrift store!

4. Shop early.  For the best finds, be sure to arrive as soon as the doors open on any given day, but especially on Monday (in my opinion).  Why Monday, you might ask?  Well, for one, most families do all their “spring cleaning” on the weekends and end up making their donations on Sunday afternoon.  So, there’s usually a fresh supply of items on Monday mornings.  And of course, yard sales always happen on the weekends, which means more donations flow in on Mondays as a result.  Also, some shops change over their discounts either on Sunday (such as our local Goodwill) or Monday.  Shopping early will ensure you get first dibs.


This trailer-hitch-turned-decorative-stag is one of my faves!  Found him at a thrift shop begging me for a makeover!  😉

5. Be patient.  Don’t lose hope or get discouraged!  That “steal of a deal” item that you’re searching for is out there specifically for you!  I promise!  But, in order to find that treasure that you’ve been really wanting, you have to be patient.  There are many times that I’ve walked out of a store empty-handed.  And that’s okay.  Don’t give up!  😉


Here’s an office chair that I found at Goodwill and transformed into a cushy, modern rolling chair.

6. Visit thrift stores in high-end districts.  I’m a little hesitant to share this tip, simply because I’ve found some seriously-great treasures at thrift stores that are located in the middle of nowhere.  But I’ve also consistently found expensive items (e.g. a Limoges oval vegetable dish similar to this one for only $12!!) from stores located in nice areas.


I found this colorful cuckoo clock for pennies at one of my fave high-end thrift stores.  You can read about that story here.


Here are some fun accessories that I’ve found at various thrift stores.

7. If you see an item that you really like, but aren’t sure where you’ll put it, go ahead and grab it….Don’t hesitate.  That way, you can think about it while you look for other treasures in the store.  You can always put it back if you change your mind. Trust me, this tip is a definite must.  I’ve learned the hard way…. 🙁


Here are some clipboards that I bought at a thrift shop.  At the time, I didn’t know what I was going to do with them, but I purchased them anyway.  I’m so glad I did!

8. Don’t buy the item simply because it’s a good deal.  Make sure you love it!  There are so many good deals out there, and your time will come!


I’ve found a lot of these pretty pieces at thrift stores for great prices.  You can see more of more of this pretty china here.


This beautiful blue and pink plate is one of my favorites.  I found two of them at…you guessed it…a thrift store! 😉


These gold-rimmed plates were 25 cents each at another favorite thrift store of mine.


I’ve loved collecting pretty pieces for dining over the years!  But since there’s so much out there, I’ve learned to only buy what I love, which is pretty much all of it!  Lol!

9. When it comes to shopping for furniture, don’t settle.  Check to make sure the chair, end table, ottoman, etc. has good bones and that it’s sturdy and not wobbly…or that it’s at least fixable.


I found this vintage headboard at a local thrift shop and refinished it with chalk paint.


And what do you think about this super-shiny brass bucket filled with over-sized sea shells?   I found these thrifted accessories on separate occasions.

10. What to look for…Not only is a thrift store the perfect place to find great furniture, but it’s also an incredible resource for dainty china, vintage linens, tiered trays, coffee-table books, candlesticks, fabric remnants, colorful tins, pillow covers, sewing notions, pendants, paint-by-number art, cool frames, lifeless lamps that need a facelift….The possibilities are endless!!


Loving this $3 vintage paint-by-number from Goodwill!!!


Here’s a sample of how I updated two lamps using a can of white spray paint and some Rub’N Buff.


I love, love, LOVE my collection of vintage hankies!  I’ve picked up a variety of them from various thrift stores over the years.  This “Spring banner” was so easy to make….Just simply tie the ends of each hanky together to make one long garland.  🙂

11. If it’s delapidated, look past its current state and see its potential!  You can easily touch up or transform an item with chalk paint, a can of paint, or spray paint!  Love the curves of a lamp, but hate the fabric on the shade??  No worries!  Hot-glue some pretty fabric to the shade, maybe add some trim, and then spray-paint the lamp, and voila!  You’ve got a beautiful new-to-you lamp!  What about a cool, detailed frame, but the color and matting is just a terrible avocado color.  Have no fear!  Use a can of spray paint, and spray both the frame AND matting!  Did you know you could spray the matte??  Well, yes you can!  I love modern paint.  😉  Another idea for an ugly frame — Spray-paint the frame, and then apply some chalkboard paint to the glass to make a fun chalkboard!  Yes!  DIY is so exciting to me…especially when you can bring something back to life!


Here’s a thrifted chandelier that I updated with a can of white spray paint.


Loving this bright, thrifted bed sheet that I used as a tablecloth for Spring.

12. Be willing to dig! Wear gloves if you have to.  😉  But rummage through cluttered shelves and racks of junk at thrift stores….You never know what you’ll find!  One time, when digging through the cluttered flatware drawers at a certain thrift store, I found a beautiful, MONOGRAMMED sterling silver serving spoon for $1.21.  Not only that, the monogram was the first letter of our last name.  Score!  🙂  You can imagine the excitement I felt in that moment!


As mentioned earlier, here are some ideas as to what you can do with an unwanted frame, lamp and shade.


Here’s a thrifted spice rack that was outdated and thirsty for a fresh coat of paint.  You can check out more on this project here.

Well, what do you think?  Are you inspired to run over to your local thrift shop and see what kinds of deals you can discover??  I’d love to hear about them!  I know you’ll find some awesome treasures!


Follow along as I share inspiring photos and tips for the home.  You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Have a wonderful day!


I’m loving the very fun glitter houses as of late.  If you google the words “glitter houses,” you’ll come up with all sorts of inspiring photos…from the vintage Putz houses to the German glitter houses at Pottery Barn.  So pretty, and they make for some beautiful Christmas decor…whether you use just one or a whole bunch of them placed together!  So, when I received a few cans of “golden glow” glitter spray paint and 18-kt metallic gold spray paint from Krylon to test out, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them — make some DIY glitter houses, of course!  😉


I bought some paper mache houses at Hobby Lobby when they were half off recently.  The small house was about $2, and the large house was about $3!  Not bad, huh?  You can actually buy them online as a set of 3, and when they’re half-off for the set, you can get an even better bargain.  But because I bought my houses in the store, they were sold separately.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • white chalk paint (or whatever color you wish)
  • foam brushes (from the dollar store or any craft store)
  • paper mache houses
  • gold glitter spray paint (I used Krylon.)
  • metallic gold spray paint (I used the Krylon 18-kt gold spray paint.)
  • accessories, such as cotton balls (for fake smoke coming out of the chimney), bottle-brush Christmas trees, toy deer, gold pipe cleaners (from the dollar store), mini wreaths, fake snow or white batting from any craft or fabric store
  • battery-operated votives (can purchase at the dollar store or in the dollar section at Target)
  • painter’s tape
  • hot glue gun

First, using my painter’s tape, I taped off the roof line of both houses.  Then, I took them to a well-ventilated area and sprayed two good coats of the metallic gold spray paint onto and underneath the rooftops.



Next, I sprayed the glitter blast paint onto the roofs.


These pictures don’t do these spray paint cans any justice!  I LOVED using both of these paints for a couple of reasons…the glitter doesn’t shed hardly at all, and both of the paints go on so smoothly and evenly.  Krylon is, by far, my fave spray-paint brand!   (Yes, Krylon sent these products to me for testing, but I was not monetarily compensated, and all opinions are my own.)  🙂

After spraying the rooftops, I grabbed my handy foam brush and chalk paint, turned on some Christmas music and got to work.  I painted both the inside and outside of the houses with the white chalk paint.  The time went by so quickly, and the paint dried in a jiffy!

After I completely finished the painting, it was time for the fun part — adding the accessories!  On one of the houses, I hot-glued gold pipe cleaners around the roof and window edges.  And then I hot-glued half of a cotton ball (stretched ever so slightly) onto the chimney to give that cozy feel. 😉


And now onto the larger house….

Something I did differently with the large house was that I hot-glued the mini wreaths to all the windows.  🙂  Also, I bought a pack of 4 die-cut stags from Hobby Lobby at half-off, and I think they were only $1.  All I did was apply my trusty glitter blast spray paint  to the stag and then hot-glued it to the house.  It sparkles beautifully!


The gold scalloped trim (in the pic above) came from the dollar section at Target.  I just hot-glued either end of the trim to the house.  Isn’t the hot-glue gun one of the best inventions of all time?!  I love that tool!

And I love this vintage santa and his reindeer!  Found this set at an antiques’ store last month.  😉


I know my giant toy deer is definitely not “to scale,” but I love it anyways.  😉


And I bought this vintage fruit crate at one of the beautiful booths at the Country Living Fair this past Fall.  I know it’s hard to tell in the picture, but it’s truly humongous!


Isn’t this little “Merry Christmas” sign just adorable?  Michael’s had them 60% off on Black Friday.  Yes, I know….I can’t believe I braved the crowds and went shopping on the busiest day of the year!

The little bushes and mini trees also came from Michael’s that day.




And I wanted to make sure to mention that the layer of “snow” is actually just a large piece of batting that I folded under on the edges.  So easy!

Once your houses are all done, all you have to do now is insert a few of your prelit votives into the houses, put the rooftop back on, and admire your beautiful creation.  🙂

This project would be perfect for a girls’ night, for spending time with your kiddos, or just to relax and do it all yourself.  It’s an easy and quick diy activity that you’ll really enjoy!


Want to see more inspiration?  You can follow along on my Pinterest boards, on Instagram or on Twitter!